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cost of a website Design in Uganda

Nowadays the question is how much is the cost of a Website Design?  The cost of designing and hosting a website in Uganda is surrounded by a lot of myths, some of which are truly humiliating to make reference to. To demonstrate my case, as of late I was experiencing it in my  Whatsapp group messages when I arrived at a heated debate about the cost of a website design. So these colleagues were contending about how it’s unrealistic or realistic to design and host a website in Uganda at a flat fee of 50 dollars (around 200k). To make it understood, this happened after a specific freelance chap was advancing his web designing and hosting packages to his colleges

This is a collective question we have been receiving from people who intend to own websites in Uganda. Before thinking of designing a website for your company, it is important to know the steps and costs involved throughout the whole process. In this write-up, I will walk you through the simple breakdown of the cost of website design, developing, and hosting a website in Uganda.

The breakdown I’m giving here is affected by my own insight as a Ugandan web designer who has been in the website development field for more than 5 years, and my associations with first-rate website specialists in the Ugandan website design industry.

The internet has a population of 4.2 billion users worldwide, and of these, Uganda has 20 million internet users according to the information on Uganda’s Ministry of ICT website. If you own any business, whether big or small, it is high time you get your business online, because any business that does not online does not sell.

Major website development stages

Designing a website will basically involve three major stages and these include:

  1. Buying a domain name for your website
  2. Designing and development
  3. Buying a Web Hosting space

What do web developers consider when designing a personal website?

These websites vary in prices according to a number of factors which I have mentioned below and their respective costs

  • Personal websites in form of blogs can go for as low as 250k for a freelance designer and 500k for professional tech companies.
  • Basic Business websites can go for as low as 300k depending on a freelance web designer and 700k for a corporate tech company.
  • Basic websites can go for as low as 300k depending on a freelance web designer and 700k for a corporate tech company. This may be about 5 pages
  • A business plan can go for as low as 600k depending on a freelance web designer and 1,500,000 for a corporate tech company. This may be about 10 pages
  • A special plan can go for as low as 1Million depending on a freelance web designer and 2,500,000 plus for a corporate tech company. Such websites include eCommerce websites etc

Other factors to consider for the cost of designing a website in Uganda include Analytical tools for monitoring your website, Search Optimization Services, cost of hosting the website, maintenance costs, integration, and many others.

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Features web designers consider while developing business websites in Uganda include;

  • Number of pages of the website
  • Functionalities of a given website
  • Maintenance and support over a given period of time
  • Type of design appearance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hosting costs and many others

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