Website Design for the Users Experiences in Kampala – Uganda.

website design in uganda

Having an up-to-date website can help your business to be reachable, stand out online, show your customers that you are working to stay on top of trends, and prove that you are keeping their experiences in mind.

User Experience involves anything that a user experiences while on your website. This includes clear elements like reading content, to modules that are less tangible like the amount of time a page takes to load. These components can affect the experience users have on your website and, ultimately, how they feel about your business.

Concentrating on user experience during the website design process can make a world of difference in your website’s success and popularity with customers and prospects.

A few modest basics to help improve a user’s experience are:

  1. Make your website easy to navigate. Having a website that makes sense seems obvious but is extremely important. Make navigation spontaneous; don’t hide pages where they don’t belong, have a clear menu, and have a layout that is clean, simple, and easy to understand.
  • Have a mobile-friendly version of your website. In many cases, the design of the desktop version of your website won’t translate well when people visit your site on a mobile device. The prevalence of smartphone searches means that it is necessary to have a mobile responsive website. This will help your users have a positive experience whether they are on a mobile, desktop, or tablet device.
  • Make your website easy to find. This involves optimizing your website for search engines. Read more about it below!
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