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Supermarket POS Software

Are you looking for a Supermarket POS Software in Kampala, Uganda? You’re at the right place! Our Minimart & Supermarket POS Software in Uganda is custom-built with great features to enable you to run your supermarket smoothly.

Our POS is a Point of Sales software solution in Uganda, Our powerful and user-friendly Point of Sales software is tailored to meet the unique needs of local businesses in Kampala – Uganda, providing an efficient and streamlined way to manage transactions, track inventory, sales & more.

Some of our key features of Supermarket POS Software include quick sales/orders, quotations, stock management, sales reports, user access control rights, expense records, profit/loss reports, etc

  • Point Of Sale: Quick checkout process with easy billing and receiving of payment from customers
  • Sales Reports: Get sales reports at the click of a button. Daily/Weekly/Monthly, Itemwise, Categorywise etc
  • User Control: Control what users can access on the system by creating roles e.g. Admin, Supervisor, Cashier
  • Bar Codes: Use existing product barcodes or easily create your own barcodes for product identification
  • Stock Control: Receive stock, view stock movement, set minimum/maximum/re-order levels, optimize stock
  • Multi-Terminal: Run as many service terminals as needed with the same speed and efficiency of running a single one.
  • Financial Accounts, Taxes, and Expenses Etc: The supermarket and minimart software in Kenya allows for Sales / Till management, Stock Management, Multiple Stores, expenses management, profit/loss analysis, user rights access control, comprehensive business reports, Android Mobile Reports App plus other features.

Unlike the old cash registers or manual processes, our Supermarket POS Software in Uganda streamlines the processes of operations and tracks inventory, cash flow management, and comprehensive reporting. It also provides vital data for you to use to enhance your return on investment and improve customer experience. A quality Supermarket POS system is key to the success of modern business.  Contact us or Visit our offices to get the best Supermarket POS Software Price.

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