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Key Features Of Point Of Sale (POS System)

These days, if you’re on the hunt for new Features of a point of sale (POS) system, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. There are hundreds of options online, each boasting all sorts of features. It can leave you asking yourself, “What do I really need? What extras will help me grow?”

Allow me to help and walk you through the features you should be looking for in your new POS (and which extras will actually help you grow).

Features of Point of sale (POS)

Let’s start with the features you should look for in the POS portion of your retail management system. This portion will cover the capabilities that you’ll typically need at the checkout counter.

  • FAST BILLING – Bill customers with a smile. Happier shopper with a faster checkout experience. Take payments with ease. Applicable Payment Methods -Cash, Visa Payment, Credit Payment, Deposit Payment, Refund Payment.
  • INVENTORY – 100% knowledge of what is in the shop, what needs to be in the shop, and what does not. Always be aware of accurate stock position
  • INTEGRATED ACCOUNTING – Eliminates the need to have separate accounting software and double work to be done for posting entries in accounts. The flexible user interface for entering opening balances for customers, suppliers & other ledger accounts e.t.c
  • SMART REPORTS – Track and report sales by sales clerks over the desired time period. Print daily sales data reports and deposits and payments reports from the POS Tills.
  • MULTI-STORE MANAGEMENT – Our retail POS point of sale software solution is an easy-to-use software that allows you to monitor branch-wise sales, purchases, Inventory, receivables, profits, etc. from a central location.
  • PRINT LABELS, BARCODES, RECEIPTS, AND REPORTS – POS can print price labels (with bar codes) for your merchandise on industry-proven label printers. You can also print receipts to a receipt printer and all of your reports to your own printer.
  • USER SECURITY- Do you like privacy? With POS (point of sale) software, you have a megaton of flexibility when it comes to who can see what in your system.


Looking at the features above should give you an idea of what solutions are right for your stores. Use that knowledge to build a list of some of your top choices, then reach out to us to develop for you a relevant system.

A great retail management system will bring you all these features, making it as easy as possible to focus on growing your business, rather than worrying over things you can’t do. Don’t settle for less.