How Much Does It Cost To Design A Website in Uganda?

Cost To Design A Website in Uganda

How much does a website Design cost in Uganda? How much is too much for a website design? These are perhaps some of the first questions for anyone who considers while they’re planning to establish a web presence. Which has now become a need for each business. All things considered, your potential clients are online more often than not.

Since owning a website has become a must, you would think that it would be easy to answer the question of how much a website cost does. It turns out that the exact numbers are very hard to come by.

The price of each website design is exclusive. It depends on a lot of factors or requirements. To give you a better understanding of what to expect we will try to help you create a website cost blueprint for yourself.

Here a Tushawebsites we shall help you, Decide how much a website would cost and give you harsh blueprints for normal alternatives. Examine the expenses of the diverse website components thoroughly. That way, you can single out alternatives as indicated by your own requirements and financial plan. Attempt to give you a reasonable thought regarding what sort of cost to expect for the site you have as a top priority. Let’s get cracking!

What Does the Cost of a Website Consist of?

As a first step let’s look at everything that costs money when designing your own website and how that transforms into final costs in different scenarios.

Building a website will basically involve three major stages and these include:

  • Buying a domain name for your website
  • Website Designing and development
  • Buying a Web Hosting Server

The Cost of A domain Name in Uganda

The cost of a domain differs depending on domain extension you want to register. Common domain extensions like .com, .net, org, .biz, .co etc. will range from will range from UGX 60,000/- to UGX 100,000/-. Uganda’s country based domains such as .ug,,, etc. will cost you between UGX 100,000/- to UGX 200,000/-

Cost of Designing and Development in Uganda.

The cost of designing a website depends on the difficulty and labor force of the project; the more features the website has and the more difficult execute, the higher the cost will be to build the website. For now, I will take a hypothesis where you want a standard dynamic website with basic features.

If you need a standard CMS dynamic with the above features, Design and development only will cost you between UGX 500,000/- to UGX 2,000,000/- depending on the company you will have hired. This charge may include or not include a domain and hosting fee. It all depends on your initial agreement with the developer.

Cost of Hosting a Website in Uganda

In humble terms, Webhosting is a service that allows your website to be accessible on the web by internet users. Once your website is designed and developed, for it to be publicly visible on the internet, you will need to upload it on a powerful computer called a server. The process of storing a website [website files] on a server is called Website Hosting.

You can also turn your home computer into a web host (webserver) but this will be very luxurious for you to maintain as you will have to connect the server to the internet 24/7. This means you will need to have an active internet connection and electricity all the time.

The cost of hosting a website in Uganda depends on how much content your website holds and the amount of traffic it receives in a specific period of time. Web hosting costs range between UGX 200,000/- to UGX 1,000,000/- for shared hosting, where your website will sit on the same server with other people’s websites.

Recurring Fees

Note that a domain and hosting are renewable once every year. You will be required to renew both after every 365 days at the same amount you purchased them. For example, if you purchased your hosting at UGX 250,000/-, you will have to renew it at the same amount after a year.

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