In the event that you have a business or wish to make an individual brand yet don’t have a website designed, it’s presumably high time you made one. That is on the grounds that a website will help support your business or brand quicker than you can foresee. A website is your channel of communication among you and your customers or clients. It’s likewise an advertising and showcasing(marketing) platform that is a lot less expensive than traditional models of advertising like radio stations, print newspapers or Television.

Be that as it may, making a website can be especially overwhelming particularly for newcomers. Having a website that your clients can visit includes approximately a three-advance procedure;

  1. Domain Name booking
  2. Website Design & Development Process
  3. Website hosting

Your trip to possessing your very own website includes those three phases.

  1. Domain Name booking

At the point when you begin to consider possessing a website, it starts with a name. What will you call it? A domain name is your location (address) on the internet (web). Consider it as a telephone number for the web. For example, when we thought of Tusha Websites Uganda, we expected to book a domain name where forthcoming customers would discover us online which as you would have guessed it by now “”.

Domain Names are fortunately affordable. Domain names range from about Ugx 50,000 to Ugx 250,000. A website name, for example, is valued at Ugx 70,000 every year in case you’re getting it from us. You need to renew your domain name yearly, so this is certainly not a one-time cost.

When you have a domain name, you are one step away from owning a website. The subsequent step is designing & developing up your website. This is an exceptionally creative procedure much the same as building a house. Each customer is unique so there’s nobody size-fits-all sort of website. In the event that you own a cafe, for example, your website can’t be like that one of an accounting firm proprietor.

The cost of designing a website likewise varies depending upon various factors, for example, content and images. On the off chance that your site will be content-serious, it’ll cost significantly more. For example, planning a website for a media organization, for example, a TV slot or paper will require an incredible Content Management System (CMS) that can oversee editors, sub-editors, authors, contributors, pictures, recordings. It ought to likewise be anything but difficult to navigate with the goal that users can discover relevant content. This sort of website can’t cost less than Ugx 3,000,000 in case you’re to contract Tusha Websites.

Then again, in case your website isn’t content-concentrated or won’t have loads of dynamic functionalizes — something most people like to call a “simple website” — at that point that costs much less. Most website design firms can agree to something below the Ugx 1 million for such a website.

  • Website hosting

The last outskirts to you having a website are really hosting it. Hosting implies having your website sit on some monster PCs on the internet that are continually hooked to power and the internet. This is anything but an innovative procedure by any stretch of the imagination. Also, because of the economies of scale, hosting a site is the second least expensive phase of the three.

Depending upon who you pick, hosting costs anything between Ugx 100,000 to Ugx 1,000,000 relying upon the complexity and traffic of your website. You can peruse more on this on “The amount it expenses to have a site in Uganda”.

“So how much the whole thing cost?”, some of you should be as of now pondering. To make things straightforward, let me organize a bill of expenses of a customer X we as of late chipped away at.

As should be obvious, it costs on normal Ugx 800,000 just to get your magnificent website and running. Recollect area and facilitating are inexhaustible yearly.

Feel free to contact us for more details in case you are interested in website design, search engine optimization & digital marketing

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