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Best SEO Practices For Good Woocommerce Website 2024?

SEO Practices For Good Woocommerce Website

A good Woocommerce SEO work will ensure that your WordPress e-commerce performance is the best. As much as the platform is developed to offer this structural optimization, some adjustments and best practices will raise the results even more. See what they are below!

  • Identify relevant keywords – No matter what product you are offering on your website, most likely, there are hundreds of others already available online.
  • Choose an SEO-friendly theme – SEO Friendly themes are those that are designed not to interfere with the performance of your website in a way that makes it, for example, slower. There are many factors to consider, but the most important thing is that these themes only have the features they need to perform well.
  • Use an SEO analysis plugin – SEO analysis plugins are tools that will monitor the contents of your website. The proposal is that every new publication on Woo commerce undergoes an automatic audit that will indicate strengths and weaknesses on the page, considering SEO.
  • Simplify and optimize your URL structure – It might seem like your URLs aren’t highly significant for SEO. However, if your page addresses are too complicated and don’t follow a logical URL structure, search engines are likely to be confused by them.
  • Create an internal link structure – The next WooCommerce SEO tip is to create an internal link structure. Instead of randomly referring readers to your other articles/products, make sure you develop a logical plan and stick to it.
  • Insert the website on Google Search Console – Search Console is a Google tool for analyzing websites, mainly from the point of view of SEO performance. So you can frequently monitor this URL and understand what Google tells you about critical issues to look into.
  • Optimize the images used on the site – There are several best practices when uploading images to the site. The first one is to optimize the size. The smaller, the better the load. Therefore, use tools that decrease the image size without losing quality.
  • Link building – Redirecting your readers to relevant, high-authority pages is an excellent practice, so it’s wise to include links to a few to support your arguments.
  • Increase your page loading speed – if your pages take a long time to load, it can seriously affect your rankings. Therefore, you should look at some practices to speed up your website and aim for a load time of two seconds or less.


Throughout this post, you can check out WooCommerce SEO tips so that your Word Press online store can be well positioned on Google or other search engines.

Search engine optimization is about the quality of the content and the amount of the content. The more relevant content related to your products, you produce, to better search engines will rank your website.