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sacco management system

SACCO Management System is what your SACCO needs to move to the next level. Focus on Investments as we handle the Financial Administration. Automate your SACCO now!

Traditionally, Sacco’s have used expensive and bloated desktop-based systems that require expensive hardware to set up. This, coupled with outdated software that needs costly manual updates implies a high Cost of ownership.

SACCO can now use our Cloud version to get their business running and test different savings and loan products and then choose whether to migrate to the on-premise version.

What is SACCO Management System?

SACCO Management System is a platform that will provide your Sacco, your digital lending business, or your microfinance with all the tools you need to run a profitable and digitally aware enterprise. We provide a cloud version that you can test drive here and we also provide a solution you can install. We have member tools that will enable your Sacco member to save, borrow and repay through their mobile phones. We provide an Omni channel toolset that encompasses: the USSD platform, Android App, and iOS App (Coming Soon).

Why use SACCO Management System?

When it comes to managing your SACCO finances, one needs a tool that eases the workload, is accurate, secure and accessible. Financial information stored on SACCO Management System is done securely ensuring your information is only visible to authorized users. We are available anywhere 24/7 as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

SACCO Management System provides an enterprise-class security architecture that enables your SACCO account to be integrated with core banking, also designed and engineered for large-scale SACCOs, which possesses high sophistication and great performance.